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. you are showing your independence. this is what america needs to see it and it was a good interview. i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: senator mccain said he was proud to have palin as his running mate and mccain says don't count her out. >> she is a strong force in the republican party. i can't predict who will get the nomination but i think she would be competitive. >> some say palin's version of history is unflattering. she chose to play the victim card and chose to play a feminine poor me, they are all gunning for me role. >> so, could we see a candidate palin in 2012? she says it is not on her radar screen, at least not right now. in washington, i'm sandra endorganization. >> is it a new way of thinking in the fight against breast cancer or is it bad advice? there are new recommendations that mammograms and self breast examinations. we will tell you what the recommendations say and why they are controversial. and what every woman needs to know. >>> by the way, if you
in the living rooms and bedrooms of america and let people recognize how much they control themselves. your body is the temple of the soul. how to feed and work it out right and it can make it comfortable and do in it a playful way. >> childhood obesity is a passion you have. you were at a neighborhood school talking about childhood obesity. what should we do about this problem? >> the good news -- we were talking to fifth graders and what i love about kids is they answer. we are worried about taking care of kids who are obese. but if you get kids who realize what they need to do they can spread the word to other kids and their parents and oprah taught me this, let people be seen for who they are. what i like is having a real person with a real problem teach america. instead of me talking about it, let kids do it. they understood that mental resilience, to teach themselves how to become tough on their inside so they can deal with the world on the outside. they have the trifecta right there and they can teach america that. >> focus on the children and let the children spread it to the family and
death to america outside of the former u.s. embassy in the iranian capital. these are the demonstrations iran's government wants the world to see. they mark the 30th anniversary of the day students stormed the u.s. embassy in teheran, taking 52 americans hostage for more than 400 days. it began a three decade deep freeze in relations between iran and america. but not far away from the pro government rally, antigovernment demonstrators shouted death to dictators, referring to iran's leaders. this amateur video appears to show riot police wielding batons and breaking up demonstrator as gun fire rings out. protesters say iran's revolutionary guard swept through the streets, clubbing and kicking anyone who stood in their way. these demonstrators shout obama, you are either with us or against us. urging the president to support them. they still insist the relex of mahmoud ahmadinejad is a fraud. the iranian leaders warned protesters not to hijack the annual anti-u.s. rally marking the siege of the embassy. 30 years ago, the iranian students denounced the u.s. today they are asking america fo
, transportation for america, ranked washington 32nd on its list of most dangerous cities for pedestrians. orlando was most dangerous, followed by the tampa bay area. >> we need to start with a federal complete streets policy, saying when we go to build streets, we need to build them for everybody. we need to make -- design them so they're good places for walking, bicycling, driving, and transit. >> by the way, minneapolis st. paul ranked as the least dangerous for pedestrians. >>> a former maryland resident will file a $1 million lawsuit today against the county's sheriff and his deputy. the woman who is suing is an immigrant from salvador. she says deputies interrogated her and arrested her and her attorney claims unlawful arrest since it was based solely on her race. the sheriff says some key facts have been left out. >>> an autopsy will be done today on two bodies found in virginia. police think the deaths of a man and woman are a murder/suicide. the two were found shot to death in a town house on springfield oaks drive yesterday afternoon. a former neighbor says the 66- year-old man was suffe
. the good wife has tapped in to the headlines and popular consciousness of america. the show addresses a question on everyone's mind during each of the political scandals we have covered, elliott spitser to john edwards to governor sanford, why would a wife stay by her husband's side and with all of the answers josh is joining us from new york. great to see you. >> i don't know if i have all the answers but some of them. >> first of all start with you, will gardener is your role. how do you play in to the story line? >> i'm one of the partners of the law firm in chicago along with christine bier ran study's character, diane lockhart and giuliani's character and i went to georgetown law school together and have a lot of history. so when she's looking to get back in to the profession that she was once in she -- we hire her. so that's a big part of why she's at this firm is our relationship and our past and i think he being will is really looking out for her. >> you know, josh, you guys are pretty much dominate the time period every week. we are talking about the number two new program of
for expanding the number of troops involved in the afghan conflict and ultimately ending america's management role. >>> the washington area is mourning the loss of abe pollin. the 85-year-old owner of the wizards died yesterday from a rare neurological disorder. pollin bought the bullets in the ' 60s and moved them to washington. the built the capital center in landover and the verizon center in chinatown. the arena revitalized the region and improved the quality of life in washington. abe pollis survived by his wife and two sons and two grandsons. he was the longest serving owner of an nba franchise. david stern issued a statement saying in part -- the capitals owner has the option to buy the franchise and the verizon center. >>> he meant a lot to one class at seat pleasant elementary. he promised to pay their college if they graduated. 55 of them did including tiffany nelson. >> it was a defining person in my life. the person i couldn't imagine going up to a complete stranger and say graduate from high school and i will pay for you to go to college. i couldn't imagine doing that and i don't
jobs for both of our peoples, americans and independentennians. indian investment in america is creating and sustaining jobs across the united states. the united states is india's largest training and investment partner. there's significant balance in our trading relationships. that i think is very important and reflective of the frame work that we put forward at the g-20 and to sustain this momentum we are creating new niche itives. >> we will have more on this dual news conference between indian prime minister and president obama later this evening. meanwhile prime minister singh and his wife returned to the white house this evening for a state dinner in their honor. >> reporter: everyone wants one, but only a few hundred are lucky enough to get an invitation to the hottest ticket in town, president and mrs. obama's first state dinner. the guest of honor is india's prime minister, sing and his wife. many details are hush hush but the evening is expected to be a mix of washington heavyweights, staff members and hollywood big wigs. expected to attend are secretary of state hi
term. our secretary of state hillary clinton is in the region pledging america's support to bring stable to that country. charlie d'agata has more now from london. >> reporter: pakistani police cordoned off the chaotic crime seen where a suicide boller killed -- bomber killed at least 19 people. dozens of people are badly wounded in the city's hospitals are struggling to cope with the injuries. this is the latest attack in a wave of terrorist violence that killed more than 300 people in the last six weeks. it's seen as retaliation for the army's crack down against taliban and al-qaeda fighters along the border with afghanistan ♪ [ music ] the violence came as afghan president happened karzai was sworn in to office for a second time. he pledged his country would control its own security within five years. secretary of state hillary clinton is in kabul urging karzai to get rid of the corruption that has riddled his government and cast a cloud over his re-election. she challenged him to make good on his promise to take back control of his country. >> take the lead and to take the
and stroke are two of the top three killers of people in the united states of america. in dc, we rank at the bottom. near the bottom in both of those categories. so it's not just children, children are also affected by this. especially because of the high rates of obesity we have. so it's important for etna to be a leader out there with all the corporations, finding ways to talk to people about health and wellness and partnering with the american heart association is a great way for us to do that. we are excited to be a partner with them. >> we are having happy you are part of it. what it does, it promotes physical activity for families. >> yes. >> that's one of the things to try and have a healthy heart is get out and do some activity. walk. >> absolutely. you know, it's very easy to start a walking program. and the great thing about walking is that of all the different exercise programs that people try to start, walking has the lowest dropout rate of all those programs. >> we all do it, it's not difficult. i am going to say it again, it starts at 8:30 saturday, november 14. nat
their family loves america and is saddened by the tragedy. authorities are investigating to see if malik nadal hasan act aid loan. cbs news, washington. malik nadal hasan's first cousin nader writes because his parents are no longer alive i wanted to issue a statement on behalf of my family -- >>> stay with 9 news now and wusa9.com for continuing coverage of the story. right now on our website, you can read more about what happened and you can leave your thoughts. the story is on our front page. >>> in other news, rush hour traffic flowed a lot smoother across montgomery county this morning. up to two days of not being able to control rush however traffic signals county workers reestablished the connection last night. this is a live look at i-355 and montgomery village avenue. the county's 800 traffic slights are now on the right timing, letting traffic flow normally. >>> hundreds of volunteers are coming teague today to search for a 20-year-old morgan harrington. she is the virginia tech junior who was last seen october 17th at a concert in charlottesville. the 3:00-day search party will be c
francisco. >> america is opening its doors to people who are hiv positive. president obama is scheduled to officially lift the ban today that bars people with hiv from entering this country. the ban has been in place for 22 years. the president says the measure is "rooted in fear rather than fact." >>> the former alexandria police chief who lost his job after he was arrested on drunk driving charges appears in a new public service announcement. david baker has remained out of the public view until now. he voluntarily appears in a youtube video warning about the dangers of drinking and driving. >> that moment in my life will forever haunt me. how in the heck did you get yourself in this position? why did you get yourself in position? this is one of the more serious things you can do, mistakes you can make. and the other thing is, it doesn't go away. >> reporter: 59-year-old baker was sentenced to five days in jail by an arlington county judge. he ran in to another vehicle while driving a city-issued vehicle. he resigned three days after that incident. >>> former baltimore mayor william d
first. the coalition to salute america's heros is sending perspective donors a dollar bill. in the international eye foundation is mailing out $2 checks. the spca is sending fleecey gloves. >> when you see this kind of money wasted on trinkets and all of this other kind of stuff, it's just -- it sort of -- it just goes against logic really. >> reporter: ken burger is the president of charity navigator a non-profit organization that tracks how charities spend their money. burger says solicitation that include gifts can cost charities 3 or $4 apiece. an expense that cuts in to the am the charity can intend on good work. another trend this year, the desperate plea. >> they are telling donors that they are really in trouble. they are telling donors that the economic downturn has really hammered them to the point where sometimes they are even questioning whether they will be around tomorrow. >> reporter: all of this comes at a time when many charities are more in need of help than ever. social service charities saw a 16% drop in donations last year. so charities are asking for m
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12